The Sun Valley Geek


JP Hello, I'm JP and I am glad to be The Sun Valley Geek
I would like to be your first choice for web design and internet services

My Background:

I returned to Idaho after working for 16 years at Microsoft on many software development projects. I worked in core development teams at Microsoft  for MSN,  MSNBC, Windows (XP, Vista and 7), Media Player and Mobile Devices. I solved many tough problems for Microsoft and gathered a wealth of knowledge and insight into Windows operating systems and internet technologies. I also have a background in photography and graphic design which I use in web site building from creating custom buttons to improving rich digital media experiences. I would like to put these abilities and experience to work designing and launching a first class web site for you!

I am a technical "geek" but I believe in the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid).  It's already complicated enough, no need to make it worse just because we can.  I'll unscramble the technical spaghetti, keep the geek-speak to a minimum and get the job done :-)

Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon,


JP Wilkins